Velstadt, the Royal Aegis

Velstadt, the Royal Aegis is a boss in Dark Souls II.


Overhead Slam: Holds his weapon above his head and slams it to the ground, sometimes if the player has made some distance between him, he will charge at the player holding his weapon over his head and performing an overhead slam. He tracks fairly well, so dodging early will result in getting hit. Like many of his attacks, dodge at the last second to avoid them completely.

Lunge: Thrusts his weapon at the player. Has a deceptively long range, and can hit players who have not retreated far back enough, though it can be dodged by rolling to the side. Has a long recovery time and can provide an opportunity to heal or attack.

Double hit: Swings his hammer horizontally twice in a row. The back-swing can still hit the player if he/she has dodged towards his back.

Dark Buff: If the player has done high damage to him in a short amount of time, he will kneel down with his hammer and will buff himself. During the casting he will be vulnerable to attacks, though he will take decreased damage. After performing the buff, he will have increased damage and a new ranged attack. This move is also similar to Knight Artorias’ “Wrath of the Abyss” buff, although it is not possible to stagger Velstadt out of this one.

Dark Orbs: While the player is at range from him, he will ring his chime twice, kneel down and perform a dark orb attack, which fires several at a time. This attack can be easily evaded by moving behind him and getting some free hits, however he will continue tracking players until a short period before firing the orbs so be sure to keep moving to stay behind him. If he backs up against a wall, the orbs can be rolled through with enough Adaptability or blocked by pillars.

Back slash: While the player is behind him but at his weapon side, he will swing his hammer backwards towards the player. He gives very little tell beforehand, so this move can catch many off guard.

Two-Hand Swipe: Grips his hammer with two hands and performs one horizontal swipe. Can be dodged by rolling towards the swing. Will sometimes follow up with another attack if the player is within range.

Kick: Kicks the player if he/she is blocking consistently. High stamina drain if blocked.


Velstadt was King Vendrick’s right-hand man, along with Raime, and one of his most loyal knights as well as the Commander of his forces. At some point, Velstadt and Raime quarreled, ending with Raime being declared a traitor and leaving the King’s service. Velstadt would always be by his king’s side and followed him to the Undead Crypt when he fled Drangleic Castle. Despite Vendrick’s hollowed state, Velstadt remains, protecting his liege.

Included in the Scholar of the First Sin update, it is implied that Velstadt was from Shulva, but left before the Drakeblood Knights attacked.

Velstadt, the Royal Aegis

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